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How can Speedy Site do it for such a low price?

By simplifying the process - I am sure you have visited sites with flashy graphics and animations that take forever to load.
Well that sort of content costs money to develop and maintain. If all you need is a site that is clear and easy to use and loads quickly into a browser it is a lot easier to develop. Also you are dealing direct with the designers, there are no middlemen.

Do all of your sites look the same?

Definitely not. We design each site individually to the customers suggested layout and colour scheme. Do not confuse us with companies that produce "pea in the pod" sites using templates.

Is it just for businesses?

Emphatically No - we design sites for individuals to share their interests and passions as well as family sites and sites for clubs and societies.

How long will it take to create my site?

It normally takes between 7 and 10 days from receipt of your fee and content to the site going live.

What do you need from me?

From you we need to know the title of each page, then for each page we will require content in the form of a plain text file and any images in either jpeg or gif format. If you have a logo you wish to use, a copy of that should also be sent. If you have no logo we will create a simple logo using your sitename. A basic idea of a colour scheme and preferred layout options are all we need to create your unique site.

How do you want the content?

Normally content is sent to us as an email attachment. If this is a problem content can be mailed to us on either floppy disc or CD. Images can also be sent to us in the form of photographs which we can scan in for you at additional cost.

Are there restrictions on the type of content you will allow?

Yes - our web hosting provider will not allow certain types of sites and nor will we, these include sites that show pornographic or overtly sexual content, sites that promote violence, hatred or racism. Gambling sites and sites that encourage use of spam, spyware, cracking, hacking or viruses are also banned. We will also not produce sites that promote any form of illegal activity. Sites that promote or contain links to other sites that encourage the illegal copying and downloading of copyrighted material are also banned. If you think there may be a problem with your sites content email us and ask.

How many words/pictures can I have on each page?

We would advise no more than a maximum of 1000 words per page as it requires a lot of scrolling to navigate when pages are too long. No more than 20 images for the whole site. If you require more images than this it is probably better for us to create a gallery for you at a small additional charge. Logos/buttons etc are not included when calculating this limit.

How much maintenance is included?

We will undertake basic maintenance such as updating text, links and images that require changing. This can be done up to four times over each year. Maintenance does not include changes to the design of the site. Extra maintenance and design changes can be carried out - contact us for a price.

What if I don't like the design of the website?

We will make minor changes to a site if a customer is really unhappy about it. By minor we mean changes to colour scheme, fonts and heading sizes. However by agreeing to our terms you give us responsibility for design issues.

Will I own my domain name ?

Yes we will register it in your name and in due course you will receive owner documentation - this can take some time to come through however and is outside our control.

Will I own the copyright to the site.

Yes, once the site has been designed and paid for copyright to the site will transfer to you. A copy of your site will be mailed to you on mini CDR as soon as the site goes live.

Can I transfer the site to my own web host ?

The site is yours to do as you wish with it.

I already have my own domain name - can I use that?

Of course - we will be happy to assist you in getting the name directed to your new site.

Why is my site not found by Google™ ?

When we submit a site to a search engine it can take a number of weeks before they list it. They are also under no obligation to list it at all. They do list most sites submitted to them but this cannot be guaranteed.

I have a question not listed here

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