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To order a site send an with your basic requirements for the site.

We will first need to know the names to give the pages.

You can then tell us what sort of navigation you would like i.e. text links or buttons, where you want the links i.e. left, top or in the body text.

Then tell us what colours to use for backgrounds logos and fonts. Then tell us what fonts you would like to use and the style and size.

If you need assistance with this there is a page here that shows all the colours that display correctly in different browsers and computer systems. It is best to choose from this palette.

The same page also displays the various fonts that look similar in most browsers.

Attach to your email the text files containing the text you wish to see on each page. Text files can be created in the Windows™ notepad application, alternatively you can create these in a word processor progamme but choose the option to save as plain text when saving them.

Any images that you wish to display on your pages should also be attached to your email. These should be relatively low resolution images as high resolution images will slow your web site down dramatically.

If you do not know how to optimise your images for the web don't worry we are quite happy to do this for you at no aditional cost.

If you do not have images in digital (electronic) format we can scan images in for you but we will have to impose a small additional charge for this service.

If you have problems with emailing files of any type they can be posted to us either on CD or floppy disc.

All items sent such as photographs discs etc will be returned along with your invoice and copy of your site on CDR.

By ordering a site you agree that any content you supply is your own copyright or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to use it.

A cheque for £99.99 should be made out to:

Mr A D State

and should be posted to:


18 Windrush Close



OX28 5AT